Score Creator has come to Android

We are pleased to announce that Score Creator application is now available on Android platform. The app is compatible with mobiles and tablets running Android 5.0 onwards. The first version comes with the following features:
- Write sheet music. The app supports treble, alto and bass clefs, with a wide range of notes and music symbols: note duration, time signature, key signature, slurs, ties, ...
- Write lyrics.
- Write chord symbols.
- Multiple tracks with different instruments: piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, ...
- Score for transposing instruments: saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), Bb clarinet, Bb trumpet, ...
- Playback sound for each instrument.
- Transpose songs into any key.
- Export songs to MIDI, MusicXML and PDF files. The files can be copied to your computer or sent via email.
- Editing assistant features: multiple selecting notes, copy & paste, undo & redo, ...

The ability to exchange data between iOS and Android is not available yet. It is going to be implemented soon.

The free trial of the app can be downloaded on Google Play at:

Thanks for using Score Creator, a handy music notation app for mobile platforms.

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