Piano Sight is an app that helps piano learners improve their sight reading skills. Just practice using the app frequently and you'll be able to read music notes faster in a short period of time.

- Notes reading practices with both treble and bass clefs.
- Notes are displayed in the form of professional sheet music.
- Two practice modes: practice with melodies that are generated randomly based on specific settings, or with popular classical and folk songs.
- Practice in different tempos and key signatures.
- When you practice playing notes on a track of a song, other tracks will be played simultaneously. This helps make the practice more interesting and engaging.
- Support to metronone, stack notes (chord).

Download free trial on the App store:

For more information about the app, tutorials as well as bug reporting, please send us an email at piano.sight.reading.app@gmail.com.

Privacy policy:
The app does not collect or store any kind of personal information. You are not required to provide your personal information in order to use the app.