Add lyrics into song

* To add lyrics into the song, do as follows:

1. Choose "Edit Lyric Lines" from the Menu

Add lyrics - step 1

2. Press "New Lyric Line" on the Edit Lyric Lines screen. You can add as many lyric lines as you want. Then press "Done"

Add lyrics - step 2

3. The first lyric is focused and the keyboard shows up for you to edit Add lyrics - step 3

* When you want to add or edit lyrics for a note, just tap the space below that note so that the keyboard shows up for you to input lyrics.

* Press the space or hyphen (-) key to move to next lyric.

* When you want to delete a lyric line (all lyrics that belong to the same verse of the song), just press the "-" button as follows:

Delete lyric line

Demo video:

Thanks and good luck!

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