Export songs to PDF, MIDI & MusicXML

When you are done writing a song with the app, you may want to export it into other formats so you can send it to other people, or save it to the computer for further editing using more professional apps like Finale, Encore, Musescore,...

- To print out the score into paper, you can export it to PDF.

- To continue editing the song using other music writing apps, please export to MIDI or MusicXML formats.

For MIDI files, notes and lyrics are exported. For MusicXML, notes, lyrics and chords are exported. However, not all the music composing applications support lyrics embedded within the MIDI or MusicXML files. In that case, you may need to somehow re-input the lyrics manually after importing the MIDI or MusicXML files into the music composing applications on the computer. To help you with this problem, Score Creator has one more option to export the lyrics into a text file (.txt), so that you can somehow copy and paste the lyrics to the songs being edited on the computer.

The app supports to open MIDI and PDF files in other apps right on the phone. For MusicXML file, you have to save it to the computer via iTunes File Sharing (or via email) before you can continue editing the song.

Recommendation: Music XML is supported better by music composing applications, so consider exporting using this format in case you want to continue working on the song using other scoring applications on your computer.

See how to export songs into files and download to your Mac/PC via iTunes here:

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