Transfer songs between different versions of the app using iTunes

The following is a guide on how to transfer songs between different versions of Score Creator app using iTunes. There is another way of transfering songs like this but using email, which is simpler, that you can find the tutorial here.

Transfer songs from free app to full app on iPhone:

Basic steps as folows:

1. On Score Creator LE, back up your songs and choose to save backup file to iTunes.

2. Connect your iPhone to a Mac/PC and open iTunes app on that Mac/PC.

3. On iTunes app, save the file created at step 1 to Mac/PC.

4. On iTunes app, copy the file saved at step 3 to full version app(name Score Creator).

5. Come back to your iPhone, on Score Creator, choose "Restore From iTunes", then select the file copied at step 4 to restore from.

See demo video for detailed steps:


The same technique as above can be used to tranfer songs from iPhone version to iPad version (name Score Creator for iPad) and vice versa.


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